Come Sing! Online Events: Everything You Need to Know (2022)

‘Come Sing!’ Taster Session led by Mark De-Lisser (21st Jan, 2022)

Are you looking for fun, free online singing events to join?

You’re in for a treat!

We’ve rounded up the creme de la creme of the UK’s top vocal coaches to ‘Come Sing!’ with you on a regular basis.

You don’t have to:

  • be a confident singer
  • have sung with others in a group or choir before

Our events are for everyone!

Biiah’s Upcoming Online Singing Events:

  1. The ‘Come Sing!’ Club
  2. How to Join via Zoom
  3. What Do We Sing?
  4. What to Expect?
  5. Who Are The ‘Come Sing!’ Events For?
  6. ‘Come Sing!’ Attendee Reviews
  7. How will This Benefit Me?
  8. Common FAQs
  9. Join Our App Waitlist
  10. Connect With Us

1. The Come Sing! Club

30-mins of singing is SO good for you!

In our mission to inspire more health and happiness in the world through a shared love of singing we created The ‘Come Sing!’ Club.

What is it?

Come Sing! is our online singing event series.

Each event supports singing for wellbeing through a 30-minute sessions hosted by a variety of renowned vocal coaches!

We’re always adding new coaches to our team so you can truly explore what your voice can do, and how it can make you feel.

You can try everything from Gospel to breathwork for singers!

Our diverse and eclectic mix of coaches keeps things interesting, each of them bringing their own unique style and flavour to the session.

How Much Is It?

  • It’s FREE for 30 days, then £7 per month after that (cancel anytime) OR £5.60 per month if you pay 12 months upfront (£67.70 for the year – cancel anytime).

Pssst! Keep your eyes peeled on the calendar as we always run at least one free event a month, too so you can get a feel for what to expect without signing up so you can decide if it’s really for you.

Coming together to sing is one of the best feelings in the world! As a result, you’ll be happier, healthier, and feel more connected.

Where Do I Book?

View our upcoming events calendar, manage your bookings/and subscriptions, and download the lyrics/materials for each session all in one place.

98% of our attendees say that Come Sing! club boosts their wellbeing.

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2. How to Join via Zoom

1. Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive an email every week with your Zoom invite and details to the classes.
2. Before your first class download Zoom

If you’re using a desktop or laptop download ‘Zoom client for meetings’ here. If you’re using a phone or tablet you can use the Zoom app instead. 

3. Get ready

Before the ‘Come Sing!’ session starts you’ll receive your lyrics along with an invite to join the session via email, please check your junk/spam folder as the email can end up there.  Members will be able to access the zoom links and lyrics anytime via the Events Hub login.

4.  Join in

When you join the session you will be able to see and hear the vocal coach, who will take you through a fun intro/warm-up session, and together, we’ll learn a new song or technique step-by-step. The session is best enjoyed with your cameras on (we love to see your happy smiling faces from around the world, but if you prefer to stay off-camera, that’s okay too).

5. Sing out

Sing and join in as if no one is listening, because they won’t be. Not because we don’t want to hear you, or we think you don’t have an amazing voice – which you do! We truly believe in the power of the human voice and that everyone can sing, but the lag on zoom doesn’t make it possible to hear all of you at the exact same time. You will still be able to see each other though, so don’t forget to smile. 🙂 Sometimes we have a live Q&A or interactive few minutes throughout where you’ll be taken off mute to talk, so feel free to be as involved as you like.

6. Share

After the session, there will be a chance to say hello. You’ll also receive a quick feedback link from us to let us know how we did. This is your chance to tell us what you loved, and what you disliked so we can improve for next time.

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3. What Do We Sing?

Where do we start!?

Our ever-growing events series has had us singing to everything from Sister Sledge to sea shanties!

We love our golden oldies on Come Sing! but enjoy current chart-toppers from artists like Dua Lipa too.

There’s something for everyone.

For each online singing event, we’ll sing different songs and try different techniques that support the genre you’re singing and the sounds you want to make.

We’ll always aim to mix it up and listen to your suggestions.

You may choose to sing the higher (soprano version), middle (alto version, or lower (tenor version), all of which will be taught to you by the session leader.

Not sure which part you’ll be most comfortable singing?

Find out what voice type you are here.

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4. What to Expect

Ready for your ‘Come Sing!’ sneak peek?

Here’s a snippet from our Jan 21st 2022 free online singing event:

Every session is different but we can guarantee Come Sing! the club will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

What do you have to lose?

Come and see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

We want to make singing and its many benefits accessible to everyone.

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5. Who Are The ‘Come Sing!’ Events For?

In short, everyone.

If reading this thinking I’d love to join but “I can’t sing”, remember that you were born with an instrument, regardless of your connection with it right now, it’s a part of you.

Even in trying times, we bet you’ve caught yourself singing without thinking about it? It’s an intrinsic survival trait that has been with us since the beginning.

This gift deserves to be nurtured, practised, and celebrated!

Unlike many other virtual choir groups, you can find online ‘Come Sing!’ is for ALL levels designed to help you feel confident in your own voice.

Given how we consume music day-to-day many people have been led to believe they don’t have a ‘good’ voice.

At tchzant, our mission is to break the mould and show YOU that every voice is unique.

‘Come Sing!’ events are more than just singing.

They’re about:

  • Expressing ourselves
  • Lifting our spirits
  • Moving our bodies
  • And connecting with those around us

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6. Come Sing Attendee Reviews

Don’t take our word for it here is a selection of our most recent reviews:

I really enjoyed the event, it was happy, joyous and gave me a boost for the rest of the day. It was also slick and professional and very well planned. Mark was amazing – so much positive energy! Well done everyone involved, hope to do more!

Sarah White, December Come Sing Event Attendee

I liked Mark’s energy and the compactness – easy to fit into a Friday lunchtime and a nice way to end the week.

Sam Duffy, December Come Sing Event Attendee

It was brilliant! Fun, concise and well organised.

Marie Reid , December Come Sing Event Attendee

It was uplifting, Mark has a lot of energy!

Jess Gil, December Come Sing Event Attendee

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7. How Will These Types of Events Benefit Me?

When the pandemic hit, we sang from our balconies and in the street to lift our spirits, inspire hope, and find solace.

It sparked a meaningful conversation around the necessity of music and the arts; how it affects us mentally, physically and socially.

Singing is proven to:

  • boost endorphins, dopamine, serotonin
  • release anxiety
  • improve lung function
  • improve mental alertness and memory
  • build a sense of community
  • help with pain relief
  • boost confidence

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8. Common FAQs

Q: How much does it cost?

A: When you sign up, it’s FREE for 30 days. Alternatively you can either pay £7 per month (cancel anytime) OR £5.60 a month when you pay upfront for the year (cancel anytime).

Please note: we do host at least one free event per month to try without signing up to anything.

If you’d like to try a session before the free event please email us at for a one-off voucher to use at your leisure.

Q. Will everyone be able to hear me?

A: No. Not because we don’t want to hear you but because the lag on Zoom is not fun. Sing your heart out, disturb your neighbours, and most importantly have fun with it!

Q. How do I access the event?

A: You’ll receive an invite email with clear details on how to join via Zoom. Or, monthly members will have access to everything via the online event portal.

TOP TIP: In your registration email you will have the option to add it to your calendar. Be sure to do this so you never miss a beat!

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9. Join Our App Waitlist

Did you know that we’re also building a singing app designed to help you feel confident in your own voice?

Quick bite-size singing sessions tailored to you, with game-like features, fun challenges, and engaging exercises developed alongside music industry leaders. Master everything from breath control and rhythm to pitch accuracy –  feel the benefits of singing instantly!

The best part? IT’S FREE.

You can play games, earn trophies, points, and badges and be encouraged to start singing from day one.

Music Ally described it as “Yousician meets Duolingo, but for your voice”. – Stuart Dredge

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10. Connect With Us On Social

Join the most supportive singing community in the world!

Come and say hello today on social by following us on:

We’re always running exciting competitions, posting top singing tips, fun games and more!

If you have any questions about our ‘Come Sing!’ events, let us know in the comments section below; we’ll be here to answer them for you.

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