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We’re a passionate group of singers, non-singers and music professionals who have spent our lives celebrating the human voice’s unique ability to speak deep to the core of who we really are. We’re hellbent on elevating the way you interact with the instrument you were born with so you can feel and experience the joyous benefits of singing for yourself at home.

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DEI Statement


What is our ethos?

At Biiah we want people who work with us to feel like they belong no matter who they are. We aim to establish a working environment that sets an example at a global level for employee wellbeing, satisfaction and representation. Central to this aim is establishing a broad set of strong policies for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

The contents of our policy document lays out the foundations of our DEI policy which shall besupplemented by our wider health and wellness policies and our Code of Conduct which will all be made public in due course.

In developing this policy we have had several key goals. Firstly, we have endeavoured to make the development an inclusive process, inviting all staff to offer their experience and contribute. We are committed to continuing this involvement with new staff, with the aim of making it a ‘living document’ which can constantly be improved upon and updated as we gather more perspective and insight.

Furthermore, we work to challenge our ignorances and unconscious biases not only in the development of this policy, but at a team level in every aspect of our organisation. We are committed to being accountable, honest and transparent in our growth as a company and see the continued maintenance of this policy as a cornerstone of this ambition.

It is our mission to engender a culture of cooperation, patience and understanding in our team and to encourage people to challenge each other and themselves in order to grow. We have set these goals in the name of making sure that everyone that comes in contact with Biiah feels safe and supported - whether they be staff, contractors, partners or customers.

We believe that in orienting our team around our passion for inclusion, we can establish a team that will directly challenge the status quo of the games and tech industry as well as the wider business world. To this end, we are committed to engaging in corporate activism above and beyond our immediate business needs. Including but not limited to sharing resources, organising collaboration with like minded organisations and challenging, where appropriate, entities that contravene our values.

Where are
we succeeding

We are currently achieving our goals for the representation and support of women, neurodivergence, members of the LGBTQIA+ community and those that suffer from chronic pain or illness. We are excited to be able to support and draw on the experience, resilience and unique perspectives of these marginalised groups.

We are a female founded and lead organisation, with representation of all of the above listed groups represented in our leadership team.

Where can
we improve

Our two main goals in improving representation at Biiah in the next 12 months are to add theexperience of more racial minorities to our leadership team and to improve the genderbalance of our team as a whole.


We are acutely aware of the importance of role models for marginalised groups.

We believe that nurturing a wider lived experience in terms of racial identity in our leadership will not only drastically improve our ability to design effective technology, but will also put us in better standing to build a team that is diverse from top to bottom.

We want to make it easy for people to know that they will be welcomed and supported at our company and having a diverse set of role models in leadership is the best way to facilitate that.


Our two main goals in improving representation at Biiah in the next 12 month are to add the experience of more racial minorities to our leadership team and to improve the gender balance of our team as a whole.

This means working with our trans, non-binary and male staff to ensure that we are building a culture that is welcoming and supportive for all gender identities and ensuring that our recruitment process is inclusive from the start, with open and encouraging job advertisement.


We will be updating this statement regularly with recent metrics and links to our completed policies, so please come back to check on how we are progressing with our goals as we grow as a company.


Racial Identity

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National identity

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New Zealander.

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Other metrics

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Of our staff are neurodivergent.

0 %

Of our team suffer from chronic pain, fatigue or illness.

0 %

Of our team have tattoos and 37.5% have 6 or more.

Sexual Identity

0 %

Of our team identify as heterosexual.

0 %

Identify as members of the LGBTQIA+ community, with 12.5% identifying as Bisexual and 12.5% identifying as pansexual.

Gender Identity

0 %

Identified as
Female, 12.5%
identifying as
trans women.

0 %

Identified as Male.

0 %

Identified as cisgender.

0 %

Identified as gender non-conforming.

What is our
favourite cake flavour?


Vegan Banana bread

12.5 %
Red Velvet


What is our
favourite hot drink?

Any cold drink,
not a fan of hot drinks