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Biiah is a platform that supports community development through singing.

Our Why

Biiah recognises that singing is a universally occurring human experience – an innate expression that connects us, regulating body and mind. As we build a global community that centres singing for wellbeing, we are continually innovating new ways to empower groups and individuals to connect with the power of their voice on a daily basis.

We’re committed to making singing with others inclusive, accessible and delightful - a future where every single person on the planet has access to making music.


Who is Biiah?

[bɪa] noun
“Bia” in Greek mythology is the goddess of power, force, and strength.

Here at Biiah we believe in the untapped power of the human spirit. It is through music that it can be used as a force for good. 

Our products and programmes build personal strength and resilient communities by encouraging the exploration of making sound.

Making music is an intrinsic part of the human experience and so it is our mission to empower millions to take better control of their health and improve their quality of life through music.

Our Team

Xann Schwinn​

Xann Schwinn

Founder & CEO

Xann committed her life to group singing from an early age, graduating with music degrees from Berklee College of Music and the University of Cambridge.

She has an unyielding desire to use group singing as a driving force for good.

Suzi Digby OBE​

Suzi Digby OBE


Suzi has her OBE in music education is a multi-time founder and entrepreneur and Founder of 4 voice-focused charities in the UK.

Suzi has been an integral founder and collaborator as we’ve built and grown Biiah to what it is today.

Dr. Katie Bank​

Dr. Katie Bank

Programme & Research Manager

Katie has 21+ years working in group singing with a PhD in Musicology focused on the intersection of the voice and wellbeing.

She is a Fellow at Uni of Birmingham and runs Biiah’s programming and research arms.

Anthony Jenking​

Anthony Jenking


Anthony has 25+ years building, scaling & exit-ing technology companies.

He has a passion for giving back to his community and does so by investing his time in impact-focused organisations like Biiah.

Samuel Adekunle​

Samuel Adekunle

Sr. Tech Advisor

Samuel is an AI-focused Site Reliability Engineer at Google.

He is driven by building scalable and reliable systems including at Biiah.

Dan Cooper​

Dan Cooper

Lead Music Coach

Dan is a professional choir leader and vocal coach with over a decade of experience delivering top class workshops, sessions and singing lessons.

He runs a successful choir, is co-director of a children’s group, and founded our workplace choir programme; Singforce.

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Thank you in perpetuity to the folks who donated to our January 2023 Kickstarter campaign.

You will forever be inscribed in our hearts (and here on this web page) for your generosity and support towards our big vision.

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A platform that supports community development through singing.

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